We connect interpreters with the Deaf Community instantly.

PAH! is an app that allows users to book Auslan (Australian Sign Language) interpreters quickly and easily.

We believed there was a better way for the Deaf Community and interpreters to connect, so we created an app to make it happen.

PAH! means success


To honour Auslan (Australian Sign Language) and the Deaf Community we work within, we named our app in Auslan first, and have translated the name into English for non signers.

PAH! in Auslan can mean:

  • Shared understanding
  • Success
  • Relief

We wanted our users to know that we understand them and what they needed in an interpreting service, to provide a solution that allowed them to successfully book an interpreter, and for them to feel relief knowing everything was taken care of.

Our Story

Rachel wanted to make things easier.

Seeing the frustration her deaf friends experienced, and working as an Auslan interpreter herself... our founder Rachel was determined to improve the way Auslan interpreters were booked.

Rachel Sperinck


Rachel is the brains behind PAH! She switches between working at the office and interpreting in the community. She loves the beach and will often start her day with a coffee and an ocean swim.

Daniel Sperinck

Development Manager / IT Support

Dan loves good coffee, a juicy burger, and all things tech. Focussing on app development and behind the scenes projects, Dan is your guy if you ever need app support.

Josie Moolenaar

Admin Whiz

Josie is an organisational wizard! She loves crafts, reading, and exploring new places. Without her eye for detail, we would be lost. Josie is responsible for customer experience, internal reports and other projects as they arise.

Sarah Clarkson

Marketing Genius

Sarah is our go to gal for all things marketing! Creating content and managing our social media / communication channels, Sarah has the artistic skills to make PAH! stand out. She loves painting pop art and walks along the beach.

Sofia Foust

Executive Assistant

Sofia is the Executive Assistant to Rachel. She ensures helps Rachel stay organised, respond quickly and on top of projects. She loves bushwalking and all things arts and crafts. Sofia is a powerhouse with all things administration and you it's likely you'll meet her if you reach out to the team.

Nicole Taffe

Contract Interpreter

Nicole is one of PAH!’s contract interpreters! She’s here to help with organisational bookings and last min bookings. Nicole’s contracted days are Mondays and Tuesdays.

Celeste O'Hara

Contract Interpreter

Celeste is one of PAH!’s contract interpreters! She’s here to help with organisational bookings and last min bookings. Celeste's contracted days are Wednesdays and Fridays.

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