About Us

Being without an interpreter is frustrating. At PAH! we understand that sometimes it feels like there are never enough Auslan interpreters!

We know as deaf people, you miss out because interpreters aren't available.

As interpreters we know you feel frustration as you decline jobs you can’t fit into your schedule.

We want to make things easier.

PAH! is an app that allows users to book Auslan (Australian Sign Language)
interpreters quickly and easily. We believe there is a better way for the deaf community and interpreters to connect, so we've created an app to help make it happen. Through PAH! users have a higher success rate in requesting and booking interpreters, and interpreters can have better control over their schedule and work.

Meet the Founder

Rachel Sperinck

Working as an Auslan interpreter, Rachel thought there had to be another way. She saw many barriers within the interpreting system that hindered efficient and successful bookings. Her passion to see things done a better way inspired the creation of PAH!

Our Values

Community Focused

Our focus isn’t on making a profit, but on people. We value your opinions and ideas and want your input to improve the space for everyone.


PAH! is born out of a passion for the deaf community, a passion for interpreters doing meaningful work and a passion for making a greater impact. We love what we do and will go above and beyond for our users!


We know there is a better way for interpreters and the deaf community to come together through technology, so we strive to innovate the best ways to help connection happen.


With first-hand experience working in the community, we know that the equity deaf people deserve is hard to come by. We're empowering those on both sides of the coin, to build better access for everyone.


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